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Rai & Singh Language Institute have the outstanding skills, enthusiasm and flexibility required to deliver what your business needs - on time, and within budget. Of course, many service providers claim their people set them apart from the crowd, but there are many other reasons too, that promotes you to speak to us about any important translation and Interpretation projects you undertake.
Why Rai & Singh Language Institute Ö??
Rai & Singh Language Institute is a leading provider of Japanese language services. We have an ever-increasing portfolio of respected clients who have placed their trust in us to deliver accurate services for their business requirements. Our reputation is built upon providing a high quality, rapid service with competitive rates, which is tailored to suit each individual client's needs.

Place your order with Rai & Singh Language Institute and you will have made the right choice. We perform to nurture long-term relationships with our clients.
Support & Services
General Translation - Simplest of Translation, a general Translation means the language used is comprehensive and to certain extent could be in laymen's terms, there is no technical or specific terminology used.

Computer Translation - Computer translation is the translation of anything to do with computers such as software, manuals, help files, etc.

Document Translation - carefully translates your documents, form, signage, agreements, applications, CV, and other documents into the client comprehend on their own.

Commercial Translation - It deals with business contracts, business correspondence and international marketing campaigns and Rai & Singh Language Institute is adapted to handle this kind of translation.

Literary Translation - Under this section we translate literary work such as poetry, short stories, novels etc. that is particularly done by literati in the field of respective languages and area.

Technical Translation - Technical Translation must be perfect in all such field of engineering, construction, medical, and other specialist subjects and translation demands perfection .we employ translators with proven records and good know-how technical jargon.

Scientific Translation - Scientific Translation deals with science projects, research work and scientific literature. It is performed /translated by adequately familiar with science Journal and scientific literature.

Legal Translation - Here we exclusively translate court proceedings by translator having solid knowledge of legal terminology.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation - Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation is highly specialized discipline and is only carried out by specialist and experienced translators, who are doctors and biomedical engineers.

Market research Translation - Its a process of systematically gathering, recording, analyzing data and information about customers, competitors and the market that is translated according to all your requirements with highly quality consciousness.

Marketing Translation - It deals with product labeling, advertising, brochures, websites, press releases etc. and your all servicesíll be translated according to your exact requirement.
Language Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation - In which an Interpreter interprets, the message orally at the same time as the speaker is speaking. [On the Spot]

Consecutive Interpretation - In which a speaker pauses every few sentences to allow the interpreter to interpret what, has been said.

Sight Interpretation - In, which an Interpreter reads a document written in one language, and orally interpret information into Japanese language.
The cost varies from types of language requirement
Conveyance, food and accommodation costs are also borne by the client.

Localization - Translating software, content management, solution, websites, on line help, multimedia applications, training materials and other application into Japanese language.

Transcriptions - Transcription is the process of representing oral text in a written format. Transcription and Translation of audio and video files etc.

Editing/Proof - Reviewing, changing a document by making additions. Deletions or other changes. Editing is commonly done to all documents for public presentation or publication.

Subtitling/Captioning - These are textual versions of the dialogue in film and television programmed, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and can be translation of a dialogue in a foreign language or in the same language.

Dubbing - Language dubbing services for feature films, live action, documentaries, animated movies, training videos and corporate presentation

Voice-over - We provide Voice over services in recording production, and casting services in different languages.

Corporate Language Training - Japanese Language Course can be scheduled for small groups of professionals at your office or at a location convenient to participants. Our content is highly customized to the job specific needs and professional goals of you employee, Rai & Singh Language Institute is committed with your language training needs.